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IPL - What is it exactly?

Pulsed light, also known as IPL treatment (Intense Pulsed Light), is a high-energy strobe lamp around which a handpiece is built. The flashlight itself is "white light", meaning broadband, and emits all wavelengths. It is cut using wavelengths of "white light" (filter glass, water flow sections). Different wavelengths, i.e., different filters, are required for each application. The determining factor is the wavelength starting frequency. For example, the frequency range for permanent hair removal is 580-640-755. Depending on the skin type, it progresses from light to dark. Starting frequency1200nm is the ideal range for application. With the IPL facial, you will have healthy skin.

Where can IPL be used?

The use of laser therapy / IPL technology has now become an integral part of dermatology. The treatment is particularly tissue-friendly and painless. Laser or IPL technology is used for both medical and cosmetic indications.

  • Skin changes
  • Acne scars
  • Vasodilation
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Age spots/pigment spots
  • Benign neoplasms
  • Nail fungus (onychomycosis)

A short explanation:

Skin Changes

Each treatment is carried out after an in-depth dermatological consultation with an individual diagnosis and a very individual treatment concept. We serve you as IPL treatment Vancouver clinic. This is particularly important because only a dermatologist can distinguish between benign and malignant skin changes and ultimately decide whether a skin change can be treated with IPL laser.

Here you will find information about laser or IPL treatment for the following skin problems:

  • Acne scars
  • Vasodilation on the face (couperosis) and legs (spider veins)
  • Port wine stains (Naevi flammei) and blood sponges (hemangiomas)
  • Unwanted hair growth
  • Benign pigmented moles (e.g., age spots)
  • Viral warts (Verrucae vulgares)
  • Benign neoplasms such as dermal nevus, fibroids, xanthelasma (“fat deposits on the eyelids”), syringoma, senile warts (verrucae seborrhoicae)
  • Neoplasms such as actinic keratosis, initial spinalioma, Bowen's disease, superficial basal cell carcinoma

Acne Scars

The cosmetic deterioration caused by acne scars is often perceived by those affected as very distressing. Understandably, most people want to eliminate them as much as possible.

With the introduction of IPL laser peeling (laser skin resurfacing), a very efficient and low-risk IPL treatment option has been created for acne scars on the face.

During scar IPL treatment with IPL laser therapy, ultra-short energy pulses are used above the skin level to remove the protruding parts of the scar, lift the sunken scars through collagen tightening and stabilize them with the formation of new collagen supporting tissue. Our IPL laser Vancouver clinic always offers you the best service options.

Vascular dilatations (percent couperosis, telangiectasia, angiomas)

Any type of blood vessel problem can be "caused" by IPL laser as it is permanent, bloodless and without damaging the surrounding skin. Only small diameter, light red vessels (telangiectasia, couperosis) and punctate enlarged vessels (angiomas) respond very well to IPL treatment.

As a local anesthetic, only cooling is required. A pinprick-like irritation may occur during treatment.

One of the side effects is reactive flushing, which results in spontaneous recovery of the skin after a few hours. Successfully treated veins are no longer visible after three weeks at the latest.

After the IPL treatment, you can take a shower or play sports without hindrance. No bandages or wraps are required. In any case, it should be remembered that the skin should not be tanned during the treatment and should not be exposed to intense sunlight for about 4 weeks after the treatment. You can experience IPL photo rejuvenation with our IPL Vancouver clinic. We offer you the best service with advanced IPL technology systems.

Permanent Hair Removal

Many people perceive hair growth on body parts that should be hair-free according to their individual aesthetic perceptions as an important cosmetic disorder. Very pronounced hair growth can seriously damage the psychological state, with a transition to depressive moods.

With IPL treatment, it is possible to do a gentle and quick care for your well-groomed and beautiful appearance. We offer you the best service with advanced IPL technology systems. IPL can basically be used on all body parts. For example, it is used on the face, arms, armpits, legs, bikini area, male chest and back area.

The pigment of the hair follicle (hair root) lying deep in the skin is the main target structure of IPL. By absorbing the IPL face treatment, it leads to the functional destruction of the hair follicle with the absence of permanently disturbing hair growth. More than one treatment is required for good results.

Individual IPL treatment is a treatment that ends in a short time. Treatment is generally well tolerated. The bumps cause a brief feeling of warmth and a mild reactive rash on the skin that usually disappears completely within hours.

Exposure to intense light (sunlight, solarium) should be avoided for 2-3 weeks after treatment.

Gentle permanent hair removal with IPL requires several sessions at intervals of several weeks. Epilation rates vary between 75% and 80%. You can have skin rejuvenation with the services we offer for you. As IPL Vancouver clinic, we always aim for the best for you.

Age Spots/Pigment Spots

IPL technology is the ideal treatment for removing age spots. IPL technology can be used to remove age spots with minimal pain. The treatment is bleeding-free, there is no scar and the spot to be treated disappears within weeks. The stain generally disappears in 3-4 weeks.

There is an absolute prerequisite for the successful use of IPL technology. This prerequisite is a definitive diagnosis by a dermatologist. Only we can correctly classify skin changes and recognize situations that should not be treated with IPL laser. We are very sensitive in the IPL skin rejuvenation process.

Benign Neoplasms, Precancerous Lesions, Semi-Malignant Tumours, Warts

Intense pulsed light is the ideal treatment for many new skin conditions. IPL laser treatment can be used to relieve skin changes quickly, with less bleeding and less pain. Recovery times are very short due to the athermal ("cold") extraction technique. Since it usually leaves no trace, it leaves almost no trace after changes. IPL treatment is especially suitable for removing fat deposits on the eyelids.

There is an absolute prerequisite for the successful use of the IPL laser. This prerequisite is a definitive diagnosis by a dermatologist. Only we can classify the skin changes correctly and recognize the changes needed with the IPL laser.

Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

Due to its frequency, nail fungus can be defined as a disease that spreads rapidly. Nail fungus is not only a cosmetic problem, but also a medical problem. Nail fungus destroys the nail and loses its protective function. It facilitates the penetration of bacteria, which can cause serious illness. And whether it is nails adjacent to the same patient or other people, he is a source of infection for other nails.

Depending on the degree of infestation, long-term treatment takes place externally with special nail polishes or internally with tablets or a combination of external and internal. We are always helping you with our IPL treatment Vancouver clinic.

How Does the Permanent IPL Method Work?

In contrast to the IPL laser method, the wavelength spectrum of light is used in IPL treatment. Intense pulsed light are carried from the hair shaft to the hair root. The melanin in the hair converts the light energy into heat, the hair root is destroyed. A dead hair follicle can no longer produce hair. The IPL treatment is very effective in the growth phase. Depending on the hairy area of the body, active hair follicles represent 20% - 40%. When growing, hair follicles are transparent because they do not contain melanin. These are not destroyed by a flashbulb. Therefore, to get an effective result, it is necessary to wait until it returns to the stage of active growth.

Depending on the body areas being treated, several treatments are required at intervals of 1 to 2 months for the permanent removal of each hair follicle. Protective glasses are worn to protect the eyes during the treatment. Before IPL treatment, a cooling contact gel is applied to the skin areas to be treated. The IPL laser handpiece is then lightly pressed against the body area and a flash (light flash) is triggered.

What Happens During an IPL Treatment?

  • Before IPL Treatment: Using the appropriate IPL spectrum for each clinical target, light energy is delivered to the skin in a non-invasive procedure.
  • During IPL Treatment: Light energy is converted into heat energy. The chromophore (for example, hemoglobin or pigment) in the target tissue responds to heat.
  • After IPL Treatment: The target tissue is disintegrated and absorbed without damaging the surrounding tissue. The skin surface looks fresher and smoother.

How does an IPL treatment feel?

The sensations are different depending on the skin type. The IPL treatment is almost painless. When the flash penetrates the skin, it feels like a small "prick" and a slight warmth is felt. Some people are more sensitive than others and there may be slight reddening of the skin during IPL treatment. However, the redness disappears after a few hours. You can return to work immediately afterwards and resume your regular activities.

What results can you expect?

The first results are already visible shortly after the IPL treatment: long-term success can be expected after just 6 to 8 weeks. A suitable treatment program will be designed individually for you.

Individual combination therapies:

  • Before and after IPL treatment of plastic/aesthetic operations
  • After treatment of scars
  • Chemical peel
  • Dermatotherapeutic skin treatments
  • Acne
  • Rose disease
  • Perioral dermatitis
  • Neurodermatitis

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How it Works

IPL facial is also called PhotoFacial for brown spots, sunspots, broken capillaries, rosacea and other pigmentary concerns that affect the complexion. IPL technology is Health Canada approved and it works by delivering a scattered ray of light that allows it to penetrate all levels of the skin without harming the surface so there is very little to no downtime. A series of treatments are required to see the best overall results. Treatments are performed three to four weeks apart.

IPL rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen production and is safe on most skin types. Contact us and find out if you are a right candidate for IPL laser treatment in Vancouver.

IPL (PhotoFacialTreatment Area

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Pigmented area on the body

Procedure time

depending on the treatment area



Pain level


Recovery time



within days to 1 week

Treatment effects

indefinitely with regular maintenance treatment

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