What Does Botox in Masseter Do?

What Does Botox in Masseter Do?

The masseter muscle is one of the four chewing muscles in humans. It is located in the lateral jaw area and extends from there to the cheekbone. Excessive stress can make it grow undesirably and lead to angular facial features. Especially women perceive this change as masculine and incompatible. Masseter Botox can be applied with Botox and plastic-aesthetic surgery specialty practice. Masseter muscle Botox is among the most reliable methods of recent times and is frequently applied, especially by women.

Masseter Treatment with Botox - For a Harmonious Face Shape

The shape of the lower part of the face is decisive for the effect of the face in front view - it is largely determined by the condition of the chin area. Hypertrophy of the masseter muscle can cause the entire face to appear rough, angular and dissonant.

The masseter is square in shape and lies superficially next to the chin. Possible causes of masseter hypertrophy include bruxism (teeth grinding) and frequent gum chewing. Asymmetric enlargement of the masseter may result from preferential chewing on one side. Increased muscle activity can cause pain in the jaw angle. Botox in masseter muscle is an excellent method for the treatment of these pains.

Jawline masseter Botox restores the original facial features. This type of facial thinning starts from the muscles: Botox reduces muscle activity. Botox builds up at the synapses (nerve endings) of the muscles where it is injected, preventing the neurotransmitter acetylleucine from occupying these areas - the messenger substance is necessary for the transmission of stimuli between muscles and nerves. You can have a much healthier facial structure by getting Botox for masseter muscle.

What Does Botox in Masseter Do?

What Are the Results of Facial Thinning with Botox?

Facial thinning with Botox reduces the activity of the masseter. Because the muscle is less stretched, its size is reduced. This makes the face appear softer, more harmonious and narrower.

The question "when do you see results from masseter Botox" is often asked. The result of masseter Botox treatment is seen after 10 to 14 days. It takes about four months. Further treatment is required afterward for the effect to continue.

The answer to the question of how long does it take to see masseter Botox results is received, and the treatment is considered much more warmly. This celebrity masseter Botox, which takes effect in a short time, becomes much more attractive by being applied with reliable methods.

How Long for Masseter Botox to Work?

The question of how long for masseter Botox to work may also vary depending on the application of the treatment. Your doctor will inform you much better about this. However, with the applications made, the overall duration of the treatment is 14 days. After 14 days, the desired result is obtained and a beautiful appearance is achieved. During this process, the clenching action will be eliminated. However, it may take between 6-8 weeks for the face to have an oval appearance.

Can I Sleep on My Side After Masseter Botox?

Along with how long does masseter Botox last answer, it becomes important in the way of hospitalization after Botox application. After masseter Botox application, it will be very right for you to lie on your back for the first night. If possible, lie on your back the first night and be careful not to sleep on your side. However, on other days, you can sleep comfortably on your side.

Does Masseter Botox Cause Jowls?

Masseter Botox is an application that changes the shape of the face without the need for surgical intervention. This application is applied with a reliable method and shows its effect in a short time. For this reason, it is widely preferred today.

With the interventions, the shape of the face changes, but a jowl does not occur. In this way, even if your face takes an oval shape, you will have a beautiful appearance. This treatment does not cause any jowl formation.

Does Masseter Botox Effect Smile?

Before and after masseter Botox, it is possible to smile. With these applications, smile is not prevented. Since your smile will not change, you can easily apply the masseter muscle Botox type.

Does Masseter Botox Slim Your Face?

Masseter Botox before and after, facial thinning is seen. This thinning makes the face look much more beautiful and is completely reliable.

Can I Eat After Masseter Botox?

After Botox for masseter muscle application, people should pay attention to what they eat for the first 12 hours. It is recommended to avoid the consumption of hard foods and to consume more fluid, liquid foods. After the first day, they can start consuming hard foods by paying attention again.

Does Masseter Botox Cause Sagging?

Masseter Botox does not cause any sagging as it tightens the skin. You do not need to experience any fear as your skin will not sag.

Does Masseter Botox Hurt?

Since masseter Botox is not a surgical procedure, no pain or pain is felt. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred treatment method.