3 Reasons Why You Need Growth Factors In Your Skincare Products

Anti-aging skincare isn’t as inaccessible as it once was. With medical-grade skincare becoming more and more available, so too are the high quality products those brands offer. 

Long gone are the days of using only drugstore skincare. And even further gone are the days when we had to settle for hand-me-downs from our mothers and grandmothers. Afterall, what your routine really needs are products tailored for your age, skin type, and skin problems. Grandma’s thick, wrinkle fighting cream was never going to work on your barely-there crows feet and acne prone skin. 

One of the latest luxury products to hit the markets, and at accessible price points, are those made with growth factors. An innovative and effective active within high quality skincare, they are absolutely something you should consider adding into your anti-aging routine. 

What is growth factor in skincare?

If this is the first you have heard about the concept of growth factors, allow us to explain exactly what they are. Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that stimulate the growth of the cells already living in your body. 

That increase in growth cells, in turn, is how your body normally develops tissue (when we’re young) and heals wounds. They exist in basically every single organ in your body including the largest one all humans have - the skin.

3 Reasons to add growth factors into your skincare routine

Growth factors improve our skin texture in 3 main ways: 

They help heal your skin naturally - Growth factors support your body’s ability to produce collagen, which in turn can help with cell regeneration. They can also help in hyaluronic acid creation. Both of these things support your body’s natural processes that keep your healthy and youthful looking skin looking that way for longer.

They are anti-aging - Another important benefit of growth factors is that they can assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This in turn will improve skin texture and firmness with is a key way to prevent premature aging.

They are deeply moisturizing - Last, but certainly not least, is growth factors’ ability to deeply mositurize thirsty and tired skin. By ensuring your skin is moisturized you will improve its radiance and suppleness. Another excellent anti-aging tip.

What are the top growth factor skincare brands

With the rise of growth factors as a popular active in high end skincare, it can be tricky to differentiate which ones are high quality. Here at Nexx MD we work only with the best of the best in everything we offer. From treatments, to equipment, to skincare. 

With that in mind, here are the top two gold standard brands according to our in depth research. And, the two brands we carry at the clinic that offer growth factor products. 


Neocutis has spent the last 15 years pouring all their time and experience into the research and development of wound healing - among other things. Their detailed work lead to the discovery of processes that allowed burned skin to heal without any scarring. Something fairly unhead of at the time. 

This breakthrough, and the subsequent application of that knowledge onto skincare development, allowed them to create innovative and state of the art products that work like none other. Their line of cosmetic products offers the ability to target the use of proteins and peptides in order to encourage skin to heal the same way it did when it was younger.  

Today, they are headquartered in Switzerland and offer a wade range of anti-aging products. Their best sellers include the Neocutis Bio Serum Firm, Neocutis Bio Creme Rich, and the Neocutis Bio Creme Overnight Soothing Creme. All products bursting with anti-aging growth factors. 


AnteAGE MD is another state of the art, medical-grade skincare brand making waves with their use of growth factors. They are based in California and are led by a renowned team of scientists, researchers, and physicians who, combined, have countless years of medical-based experience. 

Many of the professionals who work at AnteAGE MD are regularly published in prominent medical journals, and the brand itself is known for showcasing groundbreaking results when it comes to their research work. 

Their best selling products include growth factor filled options such as the AnteAGE MD Serum and the AnteAGE MD Brightener. Both available in person and online here at Nexx MD.