Rejuvenate Your Skin For That Naturally Youthful Look

In our youth, our skin health might not be something we are very concerned about. But as we enter our 30s, 40s and 50s it’s certainly something we pay more attention to.

This is because with age come changes in our skin that can negatively impact our self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall happiness. Changes such as wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, redness, age spots, and diminished skin elasticity can all play a big role in our external appearance and internal emotions. And while these signs of aging typically appear in large part as a result of personal genetics, aging is still an inevitable part of life.

The good news is that the process of aging doesn’t have to be something that scares us. When it comes to our skin, there are steps we can take to age gracefully while maintaining a natural-looking youthful appearance - regardless of how advanced in age we currently are.

In this article, we will discuss the top signs of aging skin as well as what procedures and products to consider to ensure you can keep it looking young and fresh.

Top 4 signs of aging 

While you might be familiar with what some of the biggest signs of aging are (such as wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and hyperpigmentation) it is important to understand exactly why they occur. 

Below are the top 4 signs of aging and what biological process causes them to happen.

Wrinkles - Fine lines and deeper wrinkles are a big sign of aging. They are caused in part by a breakdown of collagen, which is an essential protein found in the skin. As we age our body’s ability to produce collagen depletes. From there, the skin loses its plumpness and firmness which in turn prevents it from bouncing back after we make intense facial expressions.

Dullness - Loss of luminosity and overall dullness is another sign of aging. As melanin production decreases with age, especially after menopause, our complexion loses its glow and we tend to look flat or washed out. We lose that youthful glow we had in our 20s and 30s and we have to try harder to incentivize our body to keep producing it. 

Sagging - You might think wrinkles are the biggest sign of aging, but they're actually the last thing to manifest. By the time they appear our skin has likely already lost structure and volume. As we age, our skin loses its natural firmness, resulting in sagging skin on our forehead and under our eyes. Cheeks also start to flatten due to the lose of fatty tissue in those areas, giving an overall gaunt appearance.

Texture - As we age, our cell turnover ability slows down which means we spend more time with dead skin cells sitting on the surface of our skin. Added to that is the fact that collagen fibers begin to break down as we get older, resulting in rough spots on our skin, such as a crepey jawline or neck area. When we combine this with years of unprotected exposure to UV rays and environmental aggressors, the outcome is skin that looks and feels aged. 

How to keep your skin looking youthful and natural

Here at NexxMD we understand that while aging is something to be celebrated, it’s also something that can be done gracefully. That is why we offer a combination of in-patient procedures and at-home products to help keep your skin looking naturally youthful.   

For those looking to start the process at home we offer a variety of growth factor products to help create a well-rounded skincare routine. Growth factor skin care products are particularly important when it comes to slowing down aging. This is because they help fight off hyperpigmentation, redness, and loss of skin luminosity. AnteAGE’s stemcell product line, for example, is clinically proven to be anti-aging, pro-healing and anti-inflammatory. It is particularly good for patients who have fragile skin with advanced aging signs. Neocutis is another growth factor skin care line that has become widely popular for those dealing with aging skin. Their patented Processed Skin Protein growth factors support the skin's natural process to preserve healthy, youthful looking skin.

For patients looking for something a bit more advanced, at NexxMD we offer energy-based procedures such as Morpheus8 for skin remodelling purposes. The radiofrequency used during Morpheus8 treatments can help tighten skin and subsequently reduce the appearance of static wrinkles. In addition, radio frequency energy also promotes collagen stimulation which can prevent sagging.

Lastly, and for patients looking for high intensity options, we offer facial injectables with neuromodulator and dermal fillers. Neuromodulator injections (also known by their brand names of Botox, Dysport) can help relax expression lines. This in turn can give the patient a softer and refreshed look by restoring volume loss.