Celeste Pomerantz Spotlight


Skincare should be a priority for everyone.

It’s a fundamental part of self care, whether the goal is to prevent acne, appear more youthful, heal skin damage or simply feel more confident.

Yet because of a lack of understanding, too many don’t realize that skincare is just as relevant for them as it is for the beauty gurus on social media. 

Because of this, we have our eyes out for fascinating personalities doing incredible things in different fields who we can introduce to the wonderful world of skincare. 

When a mutual friend told us about a stunning Vancouver local taking on mountains with her skis in the winter and mountain bike in the summer… we knew we had to meet!

So we invited Celeste to our Edgemont Village clinic - coincidentally nestled at the foot of mountain bike & ski haven Grouse mountain, for a skin consultation.


Celeste Pomerantz started skiing and mountain biking when she was very little - in part due to her dad, who loves both sports, and the fact that mountain biking camp was cheaper than daycare!

Having grown up skiing local mountains like Cypress and becoming a competitive ski racer from ages 8-17, Celeste’s passion to keep exploring took her to Calgary - a jump off point to ski the Rockies. Here, she met people who were getting into backcountry skiing… the first taste of the next adventure.

After her 2nd year of university, Celeste moved to Norway - where she spent an entire year focused on advanced avalanche training and backcountry skiing. It was in Norway where Celeste feels she grew the most in life - but especially in sport.

Ever since then, Celeste’s mission was to continue developing her skills and pushing through her comfort zone. Celeste’s drive, work ethic, talent and style are getting her noticed in the professional sport circuit - working with adventure brands for years, first as an athletic model for major and minor local brands.

Mons Royale was the very first to officially support Celeste - a New Zealand based, sustainable performance apparel brand for adventure sports. She speaks fondly of Mons Royale, feeling connected to the brand because of their devotion to environmental sustainability.

Just last year, Celeste was invited to join the Black Crows ski team - an independent French free ski brand. Celeste humbly admits she couldn’t believe it when she got the invitation to join, because some of her favourite skiers are a part of the same team.

When she isn’t skiing or mountain biking, Celeste cross trains by lifting weights, climbing, or taking on epic challenges. Last year, Celeste gravel biked from Porteau Cove to the end of Indian Arm via a back road, then kayaked to Deep Cove where she camped overnight. The next day, Celeste mountain biked all 3 North Shore Mountains (Grouse, Seymour & Cypress) with no vehicle, camping overnight at Cypress. The next day, she ran the Howe Sound Crest trail back to Porteau Cove. 3 10 hour days culminating in one challenge overcome. 

Last we saw Celeste, she was preparing to leave for a 3 week sail to ski trip in Norway to film a documentary with Black Crows Skis and fellow skier Nikolai Schirmer.


When asked about her skin history, Celeste shared that her skincare routine prior to meeting us here at Nexx MD was virtually non-existent. Growing up, Celeste used mostly drugstore products - but it wasn’t until she went to Norway when she really began to struggle with acne, which worsened with hormonal medication.

Celeste spends a lot of time outdoors pushing herself to the limit, and she has done so since she was a kid. That’s a lot of sun exposure and time wearing helmets and toques - which could have detrimental effects on skin over time. 

Equipment like helmets or toques trap heat and sweat on the skin. Friction of the equipment against heated skin can cause irritation and breakouts for those who are acne-prone. This condition is called acne mechanica and the first sign is usually small, rough bumps that can be felt more than seen. If there is no change to lifestyle, these small bumps can turn into pimples and eventually, deep acne cysts.

These issues have caused Celeste stress over the years, especially since becoming an athlete in front of the camera, and feeling like she needed to cover up her acne with foundation. Because she wouldn’t normally wear make-up while skiing or mountain biking, this caused so much added stress and self confidence issues. 

Because Celeste is fair skinned and spends a lot of time outdoors, we also need to make sure her skin is protected from the sun. Lighter skin tones have less pigment (melanin) to filter UV rays and so are at the highest risk of burning and sun damage. Sun damage over time can cause wrinkles, age spots, uneven texture and persistent redness.

On our first meeting, Celeste was treated to a facial by our skincare specialists. This is the very first step for every skin consultation as we get to know each client’s unique needs. A couple months after her facial and her skin is still glowing! 

We now know the specific problem areas Celeste wanted to address, and how her skin reacts to treatment. The next step was to provide Celeste with her very own, customized skincare routine.



We chose Skinceuticals because programs from its products can be tailored to the individual. 

The Skinceutical line of products covers every concern, and we are able to build a custom skincare routine. The products are simple, high quality and smells good - a light but not overpowering scent. It’s also a global product which can be found in skin clinics around the world - perfect for Celeste, who goes on a lot of faraway adventures.

    • SkinCeuticals Soothing Cleanser (Use Day & Night)

      This creates a foaming, deep clean that will not strip the skin of natural oils. Because Celeste is exposed to different altitudes, faced with different elements, it’s vital to have a deep but not drying clean

    • SkinCeuticals LHA Toner (Use Day and Night)

      Toner removes any last traces of dirt and impurities in your pores after a deep cleanse, restoring your skin without drying it out. It also balances your skin's pH level at the ideal of around 5.5. At this slightly acidic pH, the skin can seal in hydration while protecting from free radicals, pollution and other irritants.

      The Skinceuticals LHA Toner is most suitable for acne prone skin, because Lipohydroxy Acid leads to cell-by-cell exfoliation for skin renewing and acne treating properties.

    • SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Vitamin C (Use Day & Night)

      This is an antioxidant serum formulated for daily use on normal, oily and combination skin. Phloretin is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, improves cell renewal and the appearance of discolouration - while Vitamin C neutralize free radicals and protects the skin against oxidative stress. It’s an incredible anti-aging product that restores a bright, radiant and even complexion.

    • SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel (Use Day & Night)

      This eye serum-in-a-gel provides advanced environmental protection while reducing the look of puffiness, aging fatigue, and under eye circles. This product has caffeine, which helps circulation and brings blood flow to the eye area. It’s hydrating, which keeps your eyes youthful. You can use this under make-up - just make sure to let it soak in before applying.

    • SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defense (Use at Night)

      This Salicylic Acid & Acne Treatment is an oil-free face serum that reduces acne and clogged pores while improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

    • SkinCeuticals Face Cream (Use Day & Night)

      This is a super hydrating yet lightweight face cream with Vitamin E  for dry skin designed to combat the effects of collagen breakdown and aging.

  • SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3 (Use at Night Only To Start)

    This is a refining facial retinol cream and a great anti-aging product for people on the go, which also helps massively with acne. It’s derived from Vitamin A - the most widely studied anti-aging product on the market, helping with cell turnover, fine lines and wrinkles.

    For the first week, use only once a week.
    For the second week, use twice a week.
    And so on, until you reach everyday of the week.
    Put on your t-zone, jaw line and nose bridge but avoid eye area, tops of cheeks and neck.

    For optimal results, work up to using everyday and everynight with moisturizer on top.

    Note that you might experience some flaking at first! If you have sensitive skin, mix a little bit with moisturizer.

  • Facial Massager

    Use 5 minutes every morning, and 5 minutes every night. Follow the natural contours of your face with an ironing out and lifting motion.

    For the most satisfying experience, keep it in the fridge when not in use.

    Everything Celeste does is intertwined with the planet in some way. Her passions and now her work are deeply embedded with mountains - no matter what time of year. However, it’s not only through sports that Celeste shows her love for planet Earth.

    For her undergrad, Celeste received a BSc in Natural Sciences from the University of Calgary, concentrating in alternative energy and geosciences with a focus on alternative energy storage systems.  

    Celeste is now completing her Masters’ Degree at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, her research now focused on energy storage in Canadian remote and off-grid communities. 

    Having grown up in Vancouver’s North Shore and spending all her time outdoors in her youth, Celeste’s connection with nature runs deep. It’s because of this intense passion for the natural environment that Celeste decided to dedicate her education and future career to saving it.

    Celeste understands the optics of professional skiers passionate about climate change but often using helicopters and snowmobiles. She is curious about this phenomenon, and wrote a qualitative study on athletes’ perceptions of climate change. 

    Through her education and research, future work within the field of alternative energy, and current strategic decisions, choosing only partnerships with brands actively working to reduce the carbon footprint of sport equipment, Celeste is on the path to combining her love of adventure sports with her love of preserving the environment. 

    We’re so happy to have met her at this beginning stage of her journey. We look forward to watching her forge a unique perspective and necessary influence on sport and environmentalism. 


    Nexx MD:
    Who is your favourite female skier of all time?

    Angel Collinson is a retired free skiier passionate about climate change. She’s also the first woman to win Powder Magazine's 'Best Line' award!

    Nexx MD:
    What does your self care routine look like?


    I have a sensitive tummy, so I love to have a nice cup of ginger tea when I get home from a busy day. My self care days are simple, I love to take a shower, wash my face and watch a movie!

    Nexx MD:

    What kind of movies, books or games do you like?

    Everything science fiction like Interstellar and The Martian. I also love Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines series, and indie games like Wingspan whenever I’m bored!

    Nexx MD:

    What’s your advice for potential young female athletes?


    I remember being the only girl in mountain bike camp. I came home crying … but my dad said, “So what? Stick with it.” I did, and I fell in love. I came back to camp years later as an instructor and was touched to see so many little girls picking up the sport.

    I think newcomers, especially women, also have a subconscious fear of being assumed “the worst” in a new sport. That fear of judgment holds us back from trying.

    Don’t let that fear of judgment hold you back. Everyone has a first day. If you’re putting yourself through the discomfort of trying something new, no one should judge you.

    To get over this, find a community of people who are also learning and grow together.

    Nexx MD:

    How do you overcome fear? Do you still get afraid?


    That fear doesn’t go away. But my inner talk really helps. In my mind, I can feel grounded knowing that I am strong enough. I convince myself that I can do it, because I know I have prepared and trained to do it. I breathe through the fear and focus on getting to the bottom, telling myself that I will make it there.