11 Shops to Visit in Edgemont Village


The vibrant little village we call home is a place you can slow time and wander. 

Visit on a crisp morning and feel at home, welcomed by the scent of freshly baked pastries, inspired by artisan crafts and intrigued by the collection inside unique little book shops. 

Whether you’re into food, coffee, art or beauty, there’s something for everyone in our humble neighbourhood - Edgemont Village.

Despite being only a few blocks long, its peaceful atmosphere and huge selection of boutiques attracts visitors from all over the North Shore. What makes Edgemont Village especially unique is the sheer volume of local small businesses that breathe life into the neighbourhood.

You can’t make it a few paces without wanting to step into one of nearly 100 independently owned small businesses… 70% of which are women-owned!

There are so many amazing places to check out - but being locals to the area, we of course have our favourites! 

Here’s our guide of 6 Best Shops to Visit in Edgemont Village.

BC Playthings

Our next-next door neighbour, BC Playthings is a 45 year old cozy little store in Edgemont Village carrying a unique assortment of toys for kids and kids at heart. 

More than your run of the mill toy store, BC Playthings offers a selection of truly unique toys you can’t find anywhere else - prioritizing specialty toys that are easy on the planet - like the Kaleidoscope which are made, packaged and shipped from one place. 

Packed to the brim - It’s truly a haven of discovery. Here you’ll also find a wide selection of toys for therapists, educators and professionals who work with children.


This sweet little shop jam packed with unique toys is also one of the most accessible in the city. The staff ensures that everyone is comfortable while in the store, making accommodations like dimming lights and turning down music to reduce sensory impacts for guests with special needs. BC Playthings works with school counsellors, Autism BC and North Shore Connections to provide toys and teaching supplies for children with autism. 

Donna, owner of BC Playthings for 8 years shares that the shop is proud to be a part of the vibrant Edgemont Village community, especially as part of a hub of mostly independent small businesses - more independent than most similar neighbourhoods. Donna is happy to be a part of the local economy, offering work to high school students who share their mission of wonderment and play.

BC Playthings’ encouragement of constant learning and self expression is something we can get behind!



Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or for yourself, Giftworks in the heart of Edgemont Village has an incredible selection of thoughtfully curated unique items. Among the selection you’ll find locally-made pottery, candles, soaps, art-glass, jewellery, speciality baby items, gourmet foods, paintings, cards and more.  Many of their products are Canadian-made including a large selection by local artisans. Check them out and see for yourself!


32 Books

If you love art and literature, you need to visit 32 Books right here in Edgemont Village. 

This little indie bookstore has been in the neighbourhood for over 15 years! Along the shelves you’ll find an amazing selection of eclectic and classic books including Canadian fiction, books about BC, book club selections and kids reading, as well as a wide range of greeting cards, 100% local art, artisan designed jewellery, journals, puzzles, games and gifts for anyone and everyone.

Don’t miss out on the mini art gallery tucked away in the back of 32 books, where you can find a selection of local artists and a cozy chair to sit.


Manager Chris shares that what makes 32 Books unique is that the team is truly very well read. If any member of the team recommends something, it is guaranteed that they have read it and enjoyed it themselves. But if you need a special book they don’t normally carry, you can ask for a special order. 

For 32 Books, community is everything and customer service is paramount. We love visiting 32 Books and know you will too.

Bjornbar Bakery 


That incredibly warm, irresistibly buttery smell when you arrive in Edgemont Village is probably Bjornbar Bakery, our neighbor right across the street. Here you’ll find over 30 flavours of delicious bars like those pictured above along with, breakfast, lunch and drink offerings and specialty home gifting items. 

Everything is fresh, made in house, and absolutely delicious. Our team has favourites, of course - Bristol loves the hot chocolate, Manon loves the Spumoni Bar and Wen loves the Brulee Bar.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Nicli Antica Pizzeria is a family affair, sharing the culinary traditions of the Nicli family across four generations. It’s a great spot to enjoy time together with authentic pizza made with the season’s freshest ingredients and a great bottle of wine.  

Delish General Store

Delish General Store in Edgemont Village is the perfect stop for the sustainability minded. Originally in Granville Island, the General Store moved to Edgemont in May 2021 and has been providing sustainable home swaps, zero-waste refills, gifts and more eco-friendly goods. 

Delish is on a mission to help the community live more sustainably, offering pre-fills and re-fills of essentials like hand soap, laundry soap, body wash, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. Most of the items are locally made, supporting artisans, entrepreneurs and makers from the community!

Asked to describe Edgemont Village, team member Gemma shares that they are very happy to be a part of such a close knit community that’s passionate about the environment and very sustainability aware. Sounds like Delish have found the perfect home.

Gemma suggests a great easy switch for a more sustainable home - simply clean out an old laundry detergent container and bring it in for a refill of a more eco-friendly product. If you want to make swaps, try not to get overwhelmed and just go one product at a time. 

We love getting ideas of how to be more environmentally mindful from Delish and hope you will too. 

The Garden Room

The Garden Room in Edgemont Village is a delightful little garden shop filled with potted plants, pottery, dried flowers, home decor, art and gifts for plant lovers.

This little oasis first arrived in Edgemont Village in May 2020. Opening up a brick and mortar business during a pandemic is bound to have its challenges, but happily, shopkeep and owner Lisa shares that plants are just what people needed to add more peace to their homes. At The Garden Room, guests can find little leafy friends to add peace to home offices, children’s rooms and Zoom call backgrounds.

Lisa loves that Edgemont Village is so quaint and charming with everything you could possibly need available in one community, sharing that it’s the perfect place to get unique presents for everyone you love. Lisa’s favourite restaurants in the area are Bufala and Nicli Antica Pizzeria. 

If you’re looking for an easy plant to take care of, Lisa recommends the ZZ plant.

Check out The Garden Room whenever you’re in Edgemont Village to get rejuvenated by the natural selections. 



If you love the thrill of finding a new piece for your home, visit our friends at thestylewell and discover a selection of eclectic, unique and timeless home decor in a beautifully curated shopping environment. The shop is owned by Lisa, who curates every piece with the intention of inspiring and delighting those who appreciate all things beautiful.

Make sure to add thestylewell to your list of places to visit in Edgemont Village.

Krave Kulture

If you’re a fan of guilt free treats just like us, you’ll love Krave Kulture’s organic craft yogurt shop. Here you’ll find a selection of yogurt treats for both sweet and savoury lovers.

Enjoy the classics like a pile of frozen yogurt, nurture your craving with a smoothie bowl, or try something new with a savoury Krave bowl. 

We love fulfilling our Kravings here and know you will too! Pay them a visit next time you’re in Edgemont Village.


We can’t wrap up this list without inviting you to visit our clinic! 

NEXX MD is a boutique cosmetic clinic in Edgemont Village specializing in non surgical aesthetic medicine, skin care, and laser treatments. Our clients from all over the North Shore love to visit NEXX MD for luxurious beauty treatments IPL PhotoFacials and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and essentials like Botox, Microneedling and Dermal Fillers. 

We specialize in helping you maintain your youthful look in a natural way with only the best products and the most highly trained staff.

If you’re a beauty lover through and through, you might share our affinity for art. 

You may not expect a curated art gallery when you arrive for a beauty treatment in a cosmetic clinic… but that’s what makes us extra special. 

When Dr Tashakkor isn’t delivering helping our clients achieve their aesthetic goals in our clinic, he likes to spend time appreciating and collecting art - many of which decorates our sparkling clean, modern and inviting space! From paintings to sculptures and pop culture memorabilia. Fun fact - we have _ art pieces in our space.

Some of our team’s favourite spots in Edgemont Village are Stylewell for home decor, Delaney’s for coffee, Krave Kulture Yogurt for a frozen treat and Rocky Mountain for chocolates. 

About Edgemont Village

We’re so grateful we can be a little part of such a vibrant community and have enjoyed sharing our favourite places in the Village with you.

It’s easy to get to Edgemont Village, only minutes away from Highway 1. Being down the road from Grouse Mountain on Capilano Road, Edgemont Village has the charm of a mountain resort town and an impeccable selection of independents boutiques and restaurants.

Despite being only a few blocks long, its impeccable vibe attracts visitors from all over the North Shore - yet it remains a hidden gem to the rest of Greater Vancouver.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our neighbourhood, Edgemont Village. We hope you come and visit soon!

Until then, we look forward to welcoming you into our clinic. 

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