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Increase Testosterone with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men are partially deficient in testosterone for about a third of their lives. This is especially evident in the last third of life. Consequences such as decreased libido, unwanted fat deposits and loss of energy cause problems for most men. This causes men to have more problems. Men who are depressed can go through a much more difficult process by not enjoying life with this situation. For this reason, medical testosterone therapy Vancouver is an organization that helps you. In case of such problems you have experienced, you can contact us and have detailed information about your treatment process.

Get Your Hormones Back on Track

In addition to natural ways to increase your testosterone levels, testosterone medical testosterone can also be used in case of a severe testosterone deficiency. Here, the missing testosterone is replaced and the very low testosterone level is normalized again. With it, you will feel much better. medical testosterone Vancouver provides professional assistance for you in these situations.

No Experiments - Test Beforehand

It is important that every man is examined by a specialist before undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Improper treatment can lead to unpleasant and serious consequences.

Hormone replacement therapy is only meaningful if the testosterone level is low and other causes of this deficiency and possible contraindications (e.g., prostate carcinoma) can be excluded.

Hormone replacement therapy for men includes a good examination process before starting the treatment. During this examination, your doctor will tell you whether you are suitable and your treatment process. After a proper planning, the treatment will give much more positive results. Medical testosterone treatment includes a treatment time that varies from person to person. This varies depending on your situation. Your doctor will give you much better information on this subject.

Medical Testosterone Therapy

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Methods

A number of options are currently available for male hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone and other hormones can be administered via injections, capsules, depots, creams and gels.

  • Gel

A relatively new method of delivering testosterone is in the form of a gel. The gel is applied once a day to the shoulders, upper arms, inner thighs, back of the calves or abdomen. It dries in a few minutes; at the same time the skin absorbs the testosterone. The skin acts as a reservoir for hormones that gradually enter the bloodstream over time. This provides uniformly effective mirrors in the normal range. When used in the morning, the natural daily rhythm is imitated. It is noteworthy that the gel causes significantly less skin irritation compared to the patch.

  • Injections (short acting)

Here, testosterone is administered by a specialist as an injection. One downside to this hormone substitute is that testosterone levels get too high after one injection and then drop again - every 2-3 weeks - until the next injection. This hormonal roller coaster causes undesirable fluctuations in effect and does not conform to the natural physiological daily rhythm. In contrast, with newly developed long-acting testosterone undecanoate injections, blood testosterone levels can be maintained within the normal range for up to 12 to 16 weeks.

  • Injections (long acting)

In addition to gels, long-acting injections are the most sensible way to deliver a good dose of testosterone. This ensures that a steady and stable testosterone level is achieved for 12 to 16 weeks. Long-acting injections are also popularly known as 3-month injections.

Hormone replacement for men can be applied as different treatments. For better information on this subject, you should contact male hormone replacement therapy clinics and get information about these treatment processes. The examinations to be made in these clinics will give you information about which treatment process will help you. Do not forget to contact HRT clinic Vancouver.

Hypogonadism: Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help

Many men, especially the elderly, suffer from functional hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is understood as the inadequate function of the gonads (gonads). This leads to a lowered testosterone level, which sometimes has significant health consequences and side effects. These include loss of libido, exhaustion and fatigue. But diseases such as diabetes (type 2 diabetes mellitus), obesity (overweight), high blood pressure (lipid metabolism disorder), and sexual problems – such as erection problems – are also associated with hypogonadism. About 40 to 50 percent of older men with testosterone deficiency have these comorbidities. HRT for men is an effective treatment method in preventing such problems. HRT is the perfect solution for those suffering from hypogonadism. For this reason, it is used as a treatment method. With male HRT methods, you will now feel much more vigorous and better.

Good mood thanks to replacement therapy: Less fatigue, fatigue and depressed mood

Under natural male hormone replacement therapy, a planned change in lifestyle can be relatively easy. That's because men have more urges and are less likely to suffer from exhaustion, fatigue or depressed moods.

Medical testosterone hormone replacement is always an individual treatment based on the individual needs of the patient. For this purpose, laboratory parameters are included and relevant symptom changes are recorded. The combination of these parameters results in an individual dose adjustment. It's also important to know that every man reacts differently to medical treatment for low testosterone. For example, if superficial gels, i.e., gels to be applied to the skin, are used, the absorption of these gels varies from person to person. This also applies to the metabolism of ingested testosterone. Proper metabolism should also be considered when injecting long-acting testosterone. In addition, it should be carefully controlled at which dose or under which laboratory parameters the patient shows positive changes. This may include, for example, an improvement in morning erections, an increase in libido, or a general mood boost.

Interesting: Recent studies have shown that raising a low testosterone level to the normal range reduces the risk of cardiovascular events. And in the latest guidelines, symptoms of prostate enlargement (BPH) or BPS (benign prostate syndrome) are now gone, as are LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) and sleep apnea (breathing pauses often associated with heavy snoring). listed as contraindications.

Testosterone for HRT treatment offers many advantages for you. You will feel much better in terms of health and you will be much more dynamic during the day. It is now possible to get rid of low testosterone levels, regardless of your age. Men’s hormone replacement does excellent work in this regard.

If you want to have HRT treatment, don't forget to talk to medical testosterone replacement therapy Vancouver, BC. There are always doctors who are experts in their field for you.

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